Monday, November 29, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 29: Le Grande Grocery Tour

Ah, the penultimate MoFo post. Today was the wonderful grocery tour, only this time, I drove instead of walked to save time -- I had other things to tend to. Honestly, though, driving only saved me about half an hour! Gr.

Let's start with this week's menu:
  • Black bean burritos (own recipe)
  • Tomato-Rice Soup (Veganomicon)
  • Spaghetti and Bean Balls (Veganomicon)
  • Mac Daddy (Veganomicon)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan With a Vengeance)
I realize, it's a lot of pasta, but there's also protein-filled ingredients in each dish. I thought about getting vegetables for sides, but I don't have a steamer, and I'm too lazy to prepare them another way. I did get salad though, so we'll get some veggies in this week :)

All in all, I went to four stores, which seems to be the norm. I either have to get used to it, or cook stuff that has ingredients I can get from just one store. (Ok, I can probably get everything from Whole Foods,  but I am trying to be a bit cost-conscious...)

Though I had to visit four stores, I at least succeeded in having a complete grocery list (I left nothing off!) and finding every single thing on my list :) Now I can't wait to make everything!

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