Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 30: The End of the Beginning

Thank goodness for Vegan MoFo. Because of this wonderful month-long blogfest, I now cook nearly everything I eat. I am totally vegan, just as I said I'd be by the end of the month.

I have accomplished what I set out to when I started MoFo. I absolutely intend to continue this way. After MoFo, I'd like to get to a place where I can make up my own dishes - nothing seriously fancy, but something. I'd like to know what spices are for what, and what they taste like. I'd like to be better at cutting things. Perhaps that will be part of my New Year's whatever-you-call-it.

Today, I made the Tomato-Rice Soup from Veganomicon, and despite the fact that I didn't have much time to eat it, I really enjoyed it. The only gripe I have with the recipe is that it says that it takes 45 minutes. The time should be at least an hour.

I give myself double the time a recipe says, because I know I take very long to prep. I had to leave the house by 4:30 today, so I started prep between 2:15 and 2:30. It was about 3:00 once I was actually cooking.

The cooking went fine, except that even after cooking and mixing the ingredients together, the instructions said to bring to a boil (that took forever!) and then simmer for 45 minutes. See, so really, you're doing actual cooking for at least an hour.

This really would not have been a big deal, except that I had to leave and I ended up being a little late because I didn't finish dinner on time. Sheesh.

Regardless of all that, it was absolutely delish. I'm so glad there's a lot left over :)

And that my friends, is the last MoFo post. Cheers!

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